Visual Customer Landscape and Forecast Dashboard

Putting customers at the centre of your company's focus.

Are you maximising your revenue and profit growth and customer satisfaction?

Are you clear who are your best existing customers, clear on which ones are growing, which ones are declining, and why? Are you doing everything you can to retain and grow them? Are you clear on who your best prospects are that will most accelerate your business, and what you need to do to win them as customers?

Does every person in your team - sales, marketing, operations, support, finance, etc - have the information and tools to ensure they give the right priority that you want them to give to each of your customers, prospects and products to maximise your revenue and profit growth, and customer satisfaction?

If not, then you may be wasting time and money, failing to meet some of your customers needs, and missing great opportunities to grow your business. Some of your people may not be putting enough effort into your key customers, and some people may be unnecessarily over-servicing some of your smaller customers, that could be better dealt with by automated systems or lower cost members of your team.

IS Online's Visual Dashboards could help. There are 2 key dashboards which work together:

  • the Customer Landscape dashboard, helps visualise "Where you are now" - your customer landscape now and how it has changed over the last few months or years. Who are your key customers? Which customers are growing their purchases from you, which are declining? How much business is coming from existing customers, and how much is being won from new customers and how this is trending?
  • the Visual Sales Forecast, builds upon your current customer landscape, and your existing sales & marketing systems, to visualise "Where you are going, and how you are getting there". By integrating information from your CRM and your other sales & marketing systems and social media to help you visualise your sales pipeline and forecast. This turns your sales forecast into a key tool for managing your sales & marketing team to work as one integrated team, and enabling other people in the business to support you on the opportunities to help grow your business.

We visualise and simplify, to help you prioritise, to give your customers great service driving your revenues and profit growth. We don't want to create more systems and data for you - you have probably already invested in several of them. Our dashboards leverage the information in your existing systems and makes it easier to access, visualise, and efficient to use, to get more value from the systems you already have.

By bringing the data available from multiple systems, categorising, simplifying, and visualising in a repeatable way that takes you no effort, it makes those systems more valuable for your team to use, and helps you grow your business without massive investment or new systems.

Easy to use Visualise Efficient Reliable - automated and repeatable